Just a small niche in the web


There is not much that you'll find here on this server. It is mostly used for the families Friendica node and the personal cloud.

Friendica Node

Friendica is a social communication server that enables you to host your own social-media node. We use it at social.diekershoff.de. Friendica uses the ActivityPub, Diaspora* and OStatus protocols, thus enables you to communicate with a wide range of decentraliced platforms, weaving together a decentralised social-network—the Fediverse—with approx 4 million users (source the-federation.info).


This niche started out as an experiment on what resources Friendica would need to be run. At that time it was a Raspberry Pi 2B, nowadays it is a RPi 4B.

  • RaspBerry Pi 4B / 8GB RAM
    After five years on a RPi2B it turned out, that the database size had grown so that it did not fit anymore into the 1GB RAM of the older model.
  • Stock Rasbian
    boot from SD, all the system lives on an external USB HDD
  • lighttpd, PHP, MariaDB


Tobias Diekershoff

Wichmannstr. 20, 10787 BerlinGermany


This is a private, non-comercial page for me and my family. If you visit the webside, your visit may logged including your IP address and browser identification locally on the server. Usually this is not the case, but it may happen when I investigate problems on the server. There are however error logt. In these no IP address is recorded, only the actual error that occured. In any case, log files are automatically deleted after one week.

There is no analytics (e.g. google analytics or piwik) used on this webside.

If you like to send me feedback, please feel free to send me an email. Best, use OpenPGP (pgp or gnupg) to gain some more privacy with the email correspondence. See the fingerprint and key below.

Other channels to contact me

  • pgp/gnupg key id: 0x25fe376ff17694a1
    23EE F484 FDF8 291C BA09 A406 25FE 376F F176 94A1
  • friendica: tobias(at)social(dot)diekershoff(dot)de
  • XMPP/Jabber: bavatar(at)jabb3r(dot)org

OMEMO Fingerprints

Here is a list of the different clients fingerprints for the listed XMPP account: