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Me, as I might appear in Southpark Tobias Diekershoff

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This is a private, non-comercial page for me and my family. If you visit the webside, your visit may logged including your IP address and browser identification locally on the server. Usually this is not the case, but it may happen when I investigate problems on the server. There are however error logt. In these no IP address is recorded, only the actual error that occured. In any case, log files are automatically deleted after one week.

There is no analytics (e.g. google analytics or piwik) used on this webside.

In some articles or blog postings I may embed external sources (e.g. from youtube). The providers of the embedded material may be logging more of your personal data, hence I try to minimize the use of external media as much as possible. Instead I’ll link to those content, so you can decide yourself if you want to visit that other page.

If you like to send me feedback, please feel free to send me an email. Best, use OpenPGP (pgp or gnupg) to gain some more privacy with the email correspondence. See the fingerprint and key below.

Other channels to contact me

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december 2014


Unless otherwhise noted the contents of this homepage are governed by a Creative Commins license (CC-BY) that essentially means you may use my content to remix it into your work but name me.



You can send me an email to tobias@diekershoff.net or see the imprint for further contacts channels.

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