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server #php #friendica #sessions Do 04 August 2016

Onr of the other days I updated PHP on the RasPi,to follow some security thingies… Some days later I noticed that I could not auth agains other Friendica nodes. As I hat problems with rewrite rules for URLs before I thought this might happen again, even though I did not touch anything. You know, sometimes the Universe plays tricks so we cannot gather the secrets and it does not have to reboot.

Well no such luck in the access logs. No URLs that cannot be accessed ecxept thhose not being there anymore after the move.

So PHP then maybe? And indeed I found some WARNINGs about session_data that could not be written, and that I shall check the path. Well the path looked ok, so I started to searching around the internet and stumpled over an ancient, but still open, bug-report in the PHP bugtracker and went through it. Hoping to find something. Well not really; checking permissions; changing the path… nothing.

So for now I’m back on PHP5 on the RasPi. Which is painfully slow compared to PHP7. But at least magic auth works.

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