Surveilance is Evil

server #friendica #monitoring Mi 03 August 2016

AS we all know, no big surprize ;-) But in this case it limited the joys of the RasPi somewhat.

I had a Monitorix instance running on my node, and most likely due tu wrong configuration from my side, it boosted the LOAD on the RasPi. More then that, it used so much I/O that Friendica relevant processes like MariaDB or the background process of Friendica got problems. Problems that lifted the LOAD ahead of Moons orbit around Earth.

I turned it off the other weekend and the LOAD dropped to something below or around 1. From 3.5 before.

So eventhough I enjoyed the graphs and liked the ability to just look at the state of the small one. I am now happier without them. But, as I said above, most likely I had just the intervalls set wrong in Monitorix!

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