Mi 17 September 2008
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Somehow I doubt, that this is enough about me. So…

I was born in the former West-Berlin, which makes me a European by birth. I’m a nerd/geek and a FLOSS enthusiast. I’m a Trekkie and a (P’n’P) RPGer, lately mostly Earthdawn and Pathfinder originally started with Shadowrun but also email sims at the StarTrek: Association. I’m involved in the friendica project and as such love the idea of a decentralized federated social web.

The server you are currently visit harbours mostly my personal Friendica instance. You can find more information and stuff on diekershoff.net.

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Unless otherwhise noted the contents of this homepage are governed by a Creative Commins license (CC-BY) that essentially means you may use my content to remix it into your work but name me.



You can send me an email to tobias@diekershoff.net or see the imprint for further contacts channels.

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